QUESTION: Why should I book Maxx Vega above all other Michael Jackson Impersonators / Tribute Artists?

ANSWER: Maxx Vega is the OFFICIAL NUMBER ONE Michael Jackson Impersonator / Tribute Artist not only in the entire Tri-State area … but on the entire East Coast! His full, un-cut LIVE performance videos speak for themselves. Having the same height, stature, and energy as The King Of Pop himself, Maxx Vega bears such a close resemblance to Michael Jackson, that Maxx was cast to play the part of Michael Jackson (for the on-stage dance and rehearsal scenes, plus dramatic re-enactment scenes) in the TV ONE documentary “Celebrity Crime Files” (Michael Jackson story) —
TV One Celebrity Crime Files
Needless to say, Maxx was very honored to make his film debut portraying the character of Michael Jackson.

Maxx Vega will transform your event into an unforgettable Michael Jackson experience! When Maxx Vega walks into a room, the reaction is always the same… heads turning, jaws dropping, cameras flashing, and people filled with elated emotions. It is important to note that whether booking Maxx Vega alone, or with Backup Dancers, or with the ‘The Legacy Lives On’ concert (includes live singers), you will be witness to the most STELLAR and RESPECTFUL tribute to Michael Jackson. Maxx Vega’s entire team (from his Backup Dancers to his Personal Assistants) raise the bar of PROFESSIONALISM to a whole new level. Check out: and see for yourself what past clients have to say in Verified “5-Star Reviews”.

Maxx Vega offers an extensive variety of high quality, authentic costumes like no other impersonator on the East Coast. Check out Maxx Vega’s Official Facebook fan page at and look closely. Zoom in on his photos, look closely at his LIVE performance videos, and COMPARE to other impersonators you might have come across in your search.

We are sure you agree that the choice is clear. The choice is Maxx Vega for the Ultimate Michael Jackson experience!

QUESTION: If I prefer to book a MALE Michael Jackson impersonator, how can I be sure of the impersonator I am booking?

ANSWER: Due to Equal Opportunity Employment Laws, Sexual Discrimination Laws, etc., it is likely that you CANNOT be sure of the entertainer you are booking. We do state factually, however, that Maxx Vega IS a MALE entertainer. On a side note, there is nothing wrong with any female impersonating a male celebrity if she can do it professionally and convincingly. However, if you are specifically looking for a male Michael Jackson impersonator, then you are entitled to get what you are paying for.

QUESTION: Can I book an impersonator based on video performances? If so, how can I be sure who is who in the videos?

ANSWER: Yes, with Maxx Vega you can. It is IMPORTANT to note that Maxx Vega’s videos feature ONLY ONE impersonator performing as Michael Jackson, and that is MAXX VEGA. No need for rapid-flashing slickly-edited promo videos that not only make you dizzy watching them, but that also feature MULTIPLE impersonators… an old ‘trick’ that some entertainers use these days to confuse you (the client). Maxx Vega makes booking a Michael Jackson impersonator EASY and STRESS-FREE.

QUESTION: Can I meet Maxx Vega in person, prior to booking him?

ANSWER: Yes. Although the majority of clients are completely satisfied with phone consultation, you can always inquire about pricing and availability should you feel that an in-person meeting with Maxx Vega would be more suitable for your event planning. Maxx Vega is a full-time professional Michael Jackson impersonator and thus he is in high demand.

QUESTION: Is Maxx Vega’s proposal with price quote “all inclusive”?

ANSWER: Yes. There are NO hidden charges or surprises. Client-friendly consultation is followed by a SIMPLE contract, after all the details are discussed and tailored to fit your special event. If there are any interim or last-minute changes that might occur, then we will do our best to accommodate your requests and specifications. Bookings include: Maxx Vega as Michael Jackson Impersonator / Tribute Artist with professional costume changes for each song. You choose your favorite songs, or we can suggest some for you. Maxx Vega dancing one or more group dances with your guests, if requested. Maxx Vega accompanied by one or more Personal Assistants who work closely with you (and with your DJ and/or Event Planner and Venue Staff). Photographs taken with Maxx Vega and your guests will be sent directly to you, if requested. An 8″ x 10″ personally autographed photo is given to your Guest of Honor by Maxx Vega.

QUESTION: Can I purchase Maxx Vega merchandise?

ANSWER: Yes. T-Shirts, Signed 8″ x 10″ Photographs, and more! (Please inquire for more details).

QUESTION: Can I take some Micheal Jackson dance lessons from Maxx Vega prior to my event?

ANSWER: Yes. Maxx Vega can be available for group dance lessons or EXCLUSIVE private one-on-one dance lessons. You can learn Michael Jackson dance routines just to impress your guests at your special event… or maybe just for fun.

QUESTION: Can I book other types of entertainment besides Michael Jackson Impersonator/Tribute through Maxx Vega?

ANSWER: Yes. Maxx Vega and staff work hand in hand with top entertainers throughout the Tri-State area and Nationwide as well. Whether you are looking for other types of Impersonation, Singers, DJs, Green Screen Favors, Face Paintings, Break Dancers, Magicians, or other services, we will be happy to recommend the best of the best!